Redwoods Presbyterian Church

110 Magnolia Avenue, Larkspur, California 94939 – (415) 924-4832

About Us

Our Vision

Redwoods Presbyterian Church is our spiritual community where we nurture personal faith and passionate spirituality for our mission in the world: Working for justice and peace among all people, bringing hope to those Jesus called the least of his brothers and sisters.

We envision vitality and growth of our membership and we see Redwoods as a viable force in the local and global community.

Our Mission

The mission of Redwoods Presbyterian Church is to worship God, to love one another and to serve God by ministering to others locally and throughout the world.

Through vital ministries of the church we seek to develop the gifts of our members and nourish heart, mind, body, and soul. We cannot do this alone and so we seek God’s guidance, Jesus Christ’s example, and the Holy Spirit’s inspiration.

We strive to make known to all people the transforming love and power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, including all, excluding none.

Our Location

Please Visit! We are located at 110 Magnolia Avenue in Larkspur, California. Here is a map!
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Our History

Our church was born in the quiet, serene, pastoral setting of Corte Madera-Larkspur in October 6, 1896. After meeting in a school, in 1918 the church purchased the current site of the property at Magnolia and Alexander in Larkspur; a building was shared with a social services sewing club (The Thimble Club). After the Golden Gate bridge was spanned, Marin grew rapidly.

In 1950, the church was incorporated as Redwoods Presbyterian Church because the site had a grove of redwood trees. A new sanctuary, Sunday school and social hall was built in 1959.

After more than 120 years of faithful service, we have confidence that our church will continue on for many, many more years.

Our Form of Government


The Session is the governing body of the church. Decisions for the well-being and welfare of the church are made by this elected body. They consist of 12 members of the church elected and ordained to the position. The denomination calls these members “elders.”

Elders at Redwood Presbyterian Church chair the committees that keep the ship of faith moving strongly along. Members-at-large participate in the committees and their ministry and actions are brought to the session for information or discussion, affirmation, and action.The committees are Worship-Christian Education, Membership-Fellowship, Mission-Outreach, Personnel, Nominating, Facilities, Finance, and Special Needs Fund and Endowment. The church’s treasurer makes a monthly report to the Session. A clerk maintains the records. A member of the Session attends the Deacons meetings and acts as a liaison between the two groups.

The Session at RPC is faithful and committed to this special task. The church’s health is strong because of this special group that God has called to leadership at this time.

The members are:

Ani Lelea
Salvador Newton
Jan Salas

John Girton
Clay Wiens

Clerk: Ani Lelea


Deacons at Redwoods Presbyterian Church, Larkspur, California, practice the principles communicated in the Book of Order of the Presbyterian Church (USA) which are sympathy, witness, and service after the example of Jesus Christ. They are 12 dedicated members of the church who engage in a wonderful variety of ministries.

Each deacon has a “care group” which is a set number of members of the church whom they keep in touch with. This multiplies the ministry. They provide a listening ear, offer support, and share emergencies with the pastor if given permission to do so.

Other tasks are coordination of the coffee hour and special events; oversight and recruiter of volunteers for liturgists, ushers and greeters; transportation for emergencies; securing of meals and transport of the meals to Mill Street Homeward Bound; worship leadership at the Greenbrae Care Center; and sending cards to members in various situations.

The deacons meet the first Sunday of each month at 11:15am. They moderate their own meeting and manage their own funds. A member of the session attends as a liaison between the session and the deacons. The pastor is an advisory member. Deacons serve in three classes of four members and their term lasts for three years, renewable for three years, and then a break for at least a year.

Deacons at Redwoods Presbyterian Church are a wonderful, caring, nurturing, hard-working, and committed group.

They are:

Maisie Campbell
Helen Morita
Ginger Gmahling

June Bellen
Polly Gorder
Gabriele Putzi