Redwoods Presbyterian Church

110 Magnolia Avenue, Larkspur, California 94939 – (415) 924-4832


Redwoods Presbyterian Church, located in the city of Larkspur in Marin County, affirms Christianity that is open, inviting, inclusive and caring. We have served this area for 115 years and value ministries and missions of peace and justice.

he is risen

We encourage you to visit and join us as we build ministry in this beautiful corner of God’s globe. Welcome to Redwoods Presbyterian Church!

The Rev. Cornel Barnett, D.Min. — Pastor





Redwoods Presbyterian Church is committed to …

Welcoming all people,
Following Jesus Christ and his ministry of compassion,
Participatory worship services,
Offering stimulating adult and child programs and education,
Communal gatherings and celebrations, and
Caring for one another and the world beyond our doors.

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Click on the link below to check out the latest edition of the Redwoods LOG, full of info about what is happening at Redwoods.

LOG 0714

Redwoods currently provides the LOG to its readership in up to three formats, i.e., via print, email and online.

If you have a strong preference for one format over the others, for example, if you would prefer to read the LOG online or via email and do not need or want a print copy mailed to you, please be sure to inform the Redwoods office of your preference.


New After School Children’s Program at Redwoods!

In September, Redwoods will offer a new weekly afterschool program on Wednesdays featuring a spiritual component, snack and music session. See the “New Children’s Afterschool Program page, the Special Happenings below and/or the most recent LOG for more info.


Pack 43 at Redwoods!

Scout Sunday 2
Redwoods is the sponsor of Scout Pack 43. The congregation was recently honored by a Pack 43 Color Guard Procession/Recession and was witness to their pledge to adhere to Scout Law. The scouts show great energy and spirit in worship and also perform service projects for the church.



The 10 am worship service on Sunday, August 17, Rev. Dr. Cornel Barnett offered the sermon, “The Bible is…” If you would like to see a PDF copy of the sermon, please click on the link below.

08.17.14 The Bible is

If you would like to see any of The Rev. Dr. Cornel Barnett’s past sermons, please click on the Sermons page.

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Special Events and Announcements

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Homecoming – September 7
Please come to a Homecoming Sunday barbeque lunch in Fellowship Hall on September 7, following the worship service. The Membership/Fellowship committee will be providing the burgers (beef and veggie) with all the trimmings, dessert and drinks. David Barnett will be our grill master. Please bring a salad to share. We look forward to sharing our new church year with you!

Theater Outing and Party– September 14
Please mark your calendars for Sunday afternoon, September 14 when we will be going to Masquers’ Theatre in Point Richmond to see Kurt Weill’s musical Berlin to Broadway. This is becoming a Redwoods tradition so we hope you can attend. Cornel and Suellen have graciously invited us to their home afterwards to a post theater party. We will be arranging car-pools for this event.

New Children’s Afterschool Program – Starting in September
Suellen Barnett
Redwoods will host a new afterschool children’s program with a spiritual emphasis. Click on “New Children’s Afterschool Program” in the menu above for more info.

Brochure and Card – ongoing
Feel free to take one or more of the copies of Redwoods’ new brochure and card available in the narthex and church office. For more information about any of the above events or others, please contact Rev. Barnett after the service, at 924-4832, or see All are welcome at any church event.

Worship and Events – August 18-31

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Please join the congregation in the following. Everyone is welcome!

Thursday, August 21
LOG Mailing
7:30 pm Choir

Sunday, August 24
9:15 am Choir
10:00 am Worship
10:15 am Time for the Younger Church (see below)
11:00 am Fellowship

Sunday, August 31
9:15 am Choir
10:00 am Worship
10:15 am Time for the Younger Church (see below)
11:00 am Fellowship

Holy Communion
Holy Communion is offered the first Sunday of the month unless otherwise indicated.

Time for the Younger Church/Sunday School/Youth Group
Time with the Younger Church
Sunday school begins at 10:15 am after the “Time for the Younger Church” portion of the worship service. Children leave to their own playroom, where they enjoy a story, prayer, related activity and play. They bring home a handout that summarizing the story they heard with discussion ideas for parents. At special times during the year, the youth meet during worship to develop a skit that is performed during worship.

Birthday Sunday
On the third Sunday of each month, Redwoods offers a birthday blessing to those in worship who have a birthday during the month. In addition, those who have indicated their birthday to the church office (924-4832 or are offered a birthday blessing in the monthly bulletin, the LOG, and here on the church website.

Please wish a Happy Birthday on August 8 – Debbie Lundberg, 10 – Cornel Barnett, 17 – Erik Rademacher, 19 – Eva Peoples and 25 – Lawrence Reh

Each Sunday after the 10 am worship service, a group gathers in Fellowship Hall for coffee, tea and light refreshments. The church also regularly celebrates special events in the life of the church at this time.

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A Warm Welcome from Redwoods Groups

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All the groups at Redwoods warmly encourage new members. Please consider joining one or more of the following groups.

During the fall, winter and spring months, the choir practices before Sunday worship at 9:15 am and on 7:30 on Thursdays. (In the summer, the choir practices on Sundays before worship and every other Thursday starting June 12.) If you like to sing, you are warmly welcomed to join the choir and sing some wonderful music. If interested in the choir, please contact Interim Music Director Stephanie Ryder.

Bell Choir
The bell choir practices at 9:00 on Tuesdays and will start its summer sabbatical after playing during the worship service on June 15. If you are interested in the bell choir, please contact Interim Music Director Stephanie Ryder.

Bible Study
Bible Study meets weekly at 10:30 am on Tuesdays during the fall, winter and spring months and takes its sabbatical in the summer starting June 17. The group uses Horizon study guides and warmly welcomes new members. Please feel free to come to any Bible Study meeting in the fall or if you would like more information, please contact SFTS Intern Stephanie Ryder.

Saturday Breakfast
The Saturday Breakfast offers a half hour potluck breakfast and socializing at 9:30 am before an educational program at 10 am, usually on the third Saturday of the month, except during the summer months. All newcomers are warmly welcomed. For more information about the group or its upcoming programs, please contact Chair Debbie Lundberg.

Mill Street
On the second Sunday of each month year-round, Redwoods offers a meal to the 50 residents of the Mill Street Center, a homeless shelter in San Rafael. A signup sheet in Fellowship Hall indicates contributions needed, including milk, juice, fruit, canned goods, other staples and casseroles. The Mill Street residents are very grateful for the support. Please give as generously as you are able.

Session, Deacons and Committees
Meetings of church governing bodies—officers and committees—are open to members of the congregation. Here is a list of upcoming governing body meetings:

The Finance Committee (Tani Girton) will next meet on the call of the chair.

The Facilities Committee (Clay Wiens) will next meet on the call of the chair.

The Session (Ani Lelea) will next meet at 7 pm, Tuesday, August 19 (no meeting in July).

The Mission Outreach Committee (Debbie Lundberg) will next meet at 11:15 am on Sunday, September 7.

The Deacons (Polly Gorder) will next meet at 11:15 am on Sunday, September 7.

The Worship/Christian Education Committee (Suellen Barnett) will next meet at 11:15 am on Sunday, September 14.

The Membership/Fellowship Committee will next meet at 11:15 am on Sunday, September 21.

If you would like more information about a group, or would like to sit in on a meeting, please contact the group chair indicated in parenthesis.

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Ongoing Requests

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cameraPhotographs Needed
Do you like to take photos? Redwoods would like to update its website with new photos of church activities. If you would be interested in taking photos during a few church activities or if you have one or more photos of recent church activities that you would let us use for the website, please contact the Rev. Cornel Barnett or office administrator Mari Robinson at 924-4832 or

Spiritual Direction
Interested in spiritual practices like meditation and contemplation and how they can help you? See The Rev. Cornel Barnett’s new and updated “Spiritual Practices” at on this site for easy-to-follow and step-by-step directions for practice. Please also feel free to speak to The Rev. Barnett personally about guidance for your spiritual practices.

Marin Food Bank
Redwoods sponsors a Marin Food Bank barrel in Fellowship Hall that is used to collect nonperishable food items for distribution to the hungry in Marin. Thank you to church members for your continuing contributions to the barrel and thank you to members of the community who donate to the Marin Food Bank through the Redwoods barrel. Also, the Marin Food Bank continues to need donations of brown paper bags. The bags are used to distribute the food donations. You may leave brown paper bags in the barrel or in the Redwoods kitchen.

Per Capita
A 2014 per capita of $29.50 is due to the Presbytery from Redwoods for each of its members. We would appreciate your contributions as soon as possible.

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